There She Goes

55. There she goes on her toes. © 1925 A. C. Co.


The Franzens-Ring, Vienna

5328 The Franzens-Ring, Vienna - Regarded by Many as Architecturally "the Finest Street in Europe." Vienna, the capital of the Austrian Republic and before the World War capital of the Austria-Hungarian Empire, is one of the world's great cities. In its day of power, with a population of more than 2,000,000, in the midst of… Continue reading The Franzens-Ring, Vienna

Mighty Earthquake Fissure

14437 Mighty Earthquake Fissure - "Lac du Nord" Soufriere Volcano, Guadalupe, French West Indies. In the light of twentieth century values it seems strange enough to think that England's joy at the naval victory which assured her supremacy in the West Indies far outweighed the sorrow she felt at losing her colonies in America. Since… Continue reading Mighty Earthquake Fissure